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Staying On Top Of Your Game With These Mens Fashion Accessories.

Staying On Top Of Your Game With These Mens Fashion Accessories.

We know how unfairly fashion have treated our gents, how difficult it has been for our dear gents to find ease in dressing to compete with the astonishing and never ending styles of women. So today we are adding an edge to the Mens fashion using these must-have Mens accessories for a slaying just like the ladies.

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What Are Mens Accessories?

Mens accessories or rather, Mens fashion accessories are fashion items for complimenting an outfit or a style. Women seem to be luckier when it comes to owing a variety of accessories. They have large pool of beauty enhancing products, accessories or fashion style to add to their “woman” being, Woman in the sense that, we consider them to be just nature’s most preferred choice when it comes to endowment and beauty.

What Accessories Should A Man Have?

As a man, any item to compliment your outfit, body tone, and style – add to your masculinity and make you more presentable and different from the general, conventional style is worth your money.

This can come in form of a leather carryon bag, a type of tie etc.

Without stealing much of your time that is not required, this is Dresscodesworld’s list of our Mens fashion accessories we think you must own to compete with the ladies.

Mens Fashion Accessories| The List.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Tie clip: A matching Tie clip pronounces “eye for details” more gently than a mix match of gold colored tie chain, and a silver colored belt buckle.

These Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Tie chains: Tie chains are more suitable for occasions other than work clothes.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Scarves: Scarf is perfect in today’s fashion, but make sure it is body fitting with any other cloth you have on is perfect.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Suspenders: Suspenders are fabulous, don’t forget to make sure the print matches the pattern of shirt print. Most importantly, do not have a suspender and a waist belt on at the same time, it’s a fashion blunder.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Eyewear: Eyewears are one of the most found item on the list of mens fashion accessories, but choosing the right eyewear is still a difficult stunt for most gents. You have to choose eyewear according to your facial shape, your body tone, style and of course the need.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Bracelets: Bracelets are all-weather accessory for some men. But the real codes to a perfect attire teaches that you have to wear the right bracelets with the right outfit. When in suit and tie, avoid rubber bracelets. Go for more matching bracelets like the leather cord, or the metallic silver/gold colored bracelets.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Hats: Wool hats, fedora, boater, Porkpie, western hats and the rest. You have to match the right hat type with the fabric of your cloth, your own style and the cloth itself.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Gloves: Gloves, just like hats have different designs and materials. For gloves, simply note that leather gloves are for formal outings, while wool gloves are for casual occasions. Make sure you wear any bearing the weather in mind.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Rings: Rings are complementary. But in picking a band to highlight your style, always go for less bulgy rings, for the bulgy rings are distractors when worn with a formal wear.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Bags: This particular accessory reminds us of time in late 80s and early-mid 90s. It has been a thing for true gents to carry a bag for the purpose to hold their items. You need to know that backpacks differ from messenger bags, and messenger bags are suit occasions like meetings more than other occasions.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Cufflinks: Cufflinks come into play only with French cuff shirts. Just like rings, avoid excessively large cufflinks, they are distractors and a bad choice for a formal wear.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Wallets: Very necessary an item. This particular accessory mostly come in a leather material, and in different sizes. Stick to the size that fits your cloth and remember to replace a wallet once it start getting bad. Some men make the mistake of carrying a particular wallet for years without replacement. This is wrong for gents.

Mens Fashion Accessories

  1. Watches: Basically, time pieces are used for its original purpose, to keep time. But it can never go wrong if you wear the right size, material and design for the right occasion. Make sure that your chain watches are fitting, and doesn’t plea to leave the wrist.

Also it is worthy to note that watches can be matched to fit your bracelets and your belt. It isn’t a standing law, but for a gent with eyes for details, this can boost your fashion style.


With these few accessories, gents can now match with their female counterparts in the fashion world. Go home, make a list of the few men fashion accessories that match your style, renovate your wardrobe and step out in style.


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