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Mercy Johnson: Mercy Magic, Now In Italy.

Mercy Johnson: Mercy Magic, Now In Italy.

When Mercy Johnson shared the idea that she plans to start a kitchen menu program some time ago, many fans thought that they were discovering a new side to the famous Nollywood star but her actions and focus days after have shown the actress to be not just a passionate mother and home keeper but also a health and beauty expert too. Her product Mercy-magic is now available in Italy and more fans want it in Italy.

Mercy Johnson shared a lovely photo she took with her husband to her fans on Instagram and she did so for quite a number of reasons. Bear in mind that the lovely actress’s real intentions for sharing that photo were not clear to many fans.

At a first glance, one might think that the actress was sharing a family photo to celebrate her happy home. Many fans think highly of Mercy Johnson and look up to her as their model because she is not just successful but she has kept a happy home with her husband.

Her marriage to Okojie ended her once-controversial past life which almost ruined her reputation.

Rather the actress was promoting her now popular product “Mercy magic”. Her fans who took a closer look at her photo noticed that the actress was modeling for her own product.

Mercy magic which is quite popular in Nigeria has now started selling in Italy.

Nigerians are found in many parts of the world and they will certainly be great ambassadors for Mercy Johnson whom they know very well as a celebrity and icon.

MercyMagic is available in Italy, very limited packs available, loose that tummy bulge and weight with @mercymagiconline … Don’t be the reason someone feels insecure,Be the reason someone feels seen, heard and secure…. Happy Weekend Groove friends.




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