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Michael Ealy Turns Beyoncé Down.

Michael Ealy Turns Beyoncé Down.

You turned Beyoncé down? Whaaat? Who turns the queen down? You can turn up with her, turn her on (if you’re Jay z) but don’t turn her down. Now did Michael Ealy really turn Beyonce down?

Michael Ealy, The blue eyes from think like a man too has confessed that he turned queen Bee down.

Michael Ealy claimed in his recent interviewee that he turned the mother of 3 down.

When asked, he said that Beyoncé requested that he feature on the video for irreplaceable, but the American actor turned it down.

In His reasons for his refusal he said “I didn’t want to be the guy who she said, ‘To the left, to the left’ to. Who wants to be that guy? It’s like the worst thing ever.”

It’s apparent that he didn’t turn her down because of social status, after all Beyoncé is the queen.

Remember that Michael Ealy had one time featured on Beyoncé’s music video and it’s no big deal for him.

Michael Early will be featured in a movie alongside Meagan Good, titled intruder.

The movie is about a couple who experiences estranged encounter after purchasing a house from a stranger.

Other A-list actors who featured in this movie are Dennis Quaid, Joseph Sikora, and Alvina Aigust.

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