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Mochedda expresses “do not let my instagram slay deceive you” I cry A lot

Mochedda expresses “do not let my instagram slay deceive you” I cry A lot

We all know that Mochedda has been living a low key life since the end of her music career as a rapper. But today she’s put music aside to become a fashion designer.

In an instagram post, the rapper and singer expresses the kind of hardship she goes through as an entrepreneur “After a good cry, I had to wipe my tears, drink tea, get on the phone and get work done.”

40% of my time is spent on the phone talking, I’m either talking to a staff, a supplier or trying to get logistics companies to do their jobs on time. Another 20% is spent on the field, in the sun buying materials I would need or on Okada trying to meet up with a delivery ….. the last 20% is what I have left for myself, family and other businesses I run. it is hard, I cry,

I cry a lot….that’s the only way you can survive as a Nigerian
Do not let my instagram slay deceive you, being an adult is hard work, being an entrepreneur is even harder. If you must chop you must work, but we will survive.


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