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Naira Marley: “Soapy Dance” Trends on Social Media

Naira Marley: “Soapy Dance” Trends on Social Media

For party folks out there, the sudden rise of the Soapy dance  originated by Naira Marley may not be a big surprise especially for those who have not missed any reigning dance-style since their youth. Fans now agree that it is about time they forget about the originator of the song and focus on the song and its peculiar dance style.

As one fan of Naira Marley puts it, “everyone is dancing soapy”. In recent times social media has been dominated with videos of children, young people and even adults who were “caught” dancing soapy.

Even though we should not agree that dancing soapy is a criminal offence, we can also not hide the fact that civil authorities want fans to believe that the whole idea of soapy is criminal.

Whether everyone who dances soapy will be easily drawn to criminal activities is something no soapy dancer is ready to believe for now.

The singer of the soapy song himself shared a video on his Instagram wall in which a soldier in Amsterdam was visibly seen dancing to the soapy song, a confirmation that Naira Marley may have succeeded in turning the world “soapy”.

The excited man was shaking his legs and moving in the right steps to the song that was obviously coming from a radio or music player in public. The video drew about 2000 comments and over 200,000 likes from fans of the popular celebrity Naira Marley.

Just a few days ago, Kaffy a popular Nigerian dancer who is also regarded as the queen of dance blasted Naira Marley for introducing such a dance to the youths. She condemned the dance as too romantically inclined.

In his reaction, Naira Marley claims that Kaffy is no longer the queen of dance as her style and pattern of dance have faded.

He claims that Soapy is widely accepted because it treats dance as something not too technical, that people can learn from one another.




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