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Ned Nwoko: “Queen of My Life, Please Finish My Money!”

Ned Nwoko: “Queen of My Life, Please Finish My Money!”

Regina Daniels is said to be the sixth wife of the Billionaire Ned Nwoko, the last being a Moroccan named Lina. She and one of Ned Nwoko’s son were alleged to have accused Regina Daniels of using Voodoo or what is otherwise called “African magic” on her husband Ned Nwoko to get his money. She also bragged that the charm will expire soon. Meanwhile, the “charm” has obviously not expired as the multi-billionaire took to Instagram recently to comment on a photo recently released by his wife Regina Daniels. His comment may not have sealed wagging tongues but it has really sent a message across to those who are against his union with the actress.

He wrote:

“You are the Queen of My Life, Please Finish My Money!”

The love story between Romeo and Juliet is one of class and status being brought down before emotions. But today, a few people know much about their love except that they both died at the end and at the same time. That is probably why there seems to be a lot of negative predictions for the two lovers.


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People might as well be familiar with the beauty and the beast an ugly phrase which has now been associated with so many notable personalities both fictional and real. It might be misleading to think that what happened between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko is similar to what that phrase meant.

It might be difficult to probe into the reasons why it seems that the most beautiful woman has a prize which just any man can afford as many fans have claimed. Like it or not their case is not some fictional story but a reality that should be accepted or even celebrated.

Some fans of the popular Nigerian actress Regina Daniels had thought that by constantly trolling the celebrity actress, they might succeed to finally blow off what they felt was the scale from the 59 years old Billionaire Ned Nwoko’s eye.

They thought that they could make him see that the young actress Regina Daniels is just after his wealth and nothing else.




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