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Nigerian Fashion And Style

Nigerian Fashion And Style

Fashion In Nigeria: Best Style Ideals To COPY ASAP

Nigerian Fashion Scene has moved from Nigerians screwing their noses up in disgust whenever they had to adorn themselves with their native attires to one, where traditional attires are fused with modernity and intense creativity. Knowing the best trendy outfit ideas is a big task.

The fashion scene has continuously employed a lot of Nigerians, from the fashion stylists, designers, through the photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and even fashion journalists. In the far back, events like the Fashion weeks were tales of one’s imagination, but all that has changed in the Nigerian fashion industry. There are now fashion events like GTB Fashion Week, rocking the fashion industry with the best trendy outfit.

One fabric that has seemed to become trendy and have been used many times by designers to blend tradition with modernity, is the Ankara. Like, every other traditional clothing in Nigeria, the Ankara fabric reflects our culture. The reason many Nigerians wear the Ankara now, as compared to the past, is because many firms forced their workers into wearing traditional attires on Fridays.

Ankara is made from cotton, possessing the African patterns and motifs. The Ankara is used by both genders and can be used by females in making ‘Aso Ebi’ for weddings. Some females now adorn themselves with the chic Ankara skirts, or dresses made from the African fabric. Some have diversified into using the fabric to create rompers, shorts. The Ankara short, rompers or even skirts are topped up with sneakers.

Ladies are not the only ones that can become show stoppers with the Ankara fabric. Men now have their suits, trousers, T-shirts, and even shirts made from the fabric. It has been taken up a notch by designers, who now make lapels, ties, bags and even cufflinks from Ankara. Ankara seems to have the golden touch when it’s combined with a piece of pieces of jewellery like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, it leaves the user looking stunning.

Have you seen a swimwear made from Ankara? The Ankara fabric is capable of introducing vibrancy into that piece of clothing. The Ankara has found its way to bags, and even shoes, as many Nigerians are now seen rocking them. This is just the beginning for this beautiful African fabric.

Take a look at some of the best Nigerian fashion to copy ASAP

Nigerian fashion

Nigerian Fashion And Style: Best Trendy Outfit Ideas TO COPY ASAP

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Nigerian fashion

Nigerian fashion and style

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Fashion in Nigeria

Nigeria fashion and style ideas

Nigeria fashion

Nigerian Fashion And Style: Best Trendy Outfit Ideas TO COPY ASAP

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