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Between Omawumi And Yemi Alade, Whose Fashion Outfits Are Killer Dresses For You?

Between Omawumi And Yemi Alade, Whose Fashion Outfits Are Killer Dresses For You?

Hello world, we have had a lot of comparison between big stars regarding their career, beauty, outfits, wealth, fashion etc. One of the well-known star battle on our blog was between Wizkid and Davido, so we’re shifting the trend to the ladies and asking, between Omawunmi and Yemi Alade, who dresses to kill?

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Before we get down to the contest of who dresses way better than the other, you need to understand their similar, yet different individual styles.

So, let’s begin with Omawumi’s dress style. A.K.A Oma wonder.

dress and outfits from Omawumi

Omawunmi is a lady dresser. Her styles which can easily give off her 30s age are associated to class, modest and dashing.

You will understand that the good girl never-wanna-go-bad girl have a unique element in her style of art, dresses and fashion. The simple word is modest.

But regardless of how much her fashion spells mother of one and married, you can see that her fashion and dress styles fits very much into the urbane lifestyle of the current.

Check out some of the pictures of her outfits that should give her an edge over other competitors.

outfit fashion outfit dress

Yemi Alade (mama Africa) is a very close match to Omawumi, but has more of a bad girl feel than the former.

Yemi Alade dress styleYemi alade's outfit

Yemi represents Africa almost in everything she does. From vacations to dresses to music etc.

Having one of the finest body in Nollywood, she sure as hell can intimidate rivals, including Tiwa Savage who social media fans sets her up with.

There is a feel of womanhood in Yemi Alade’s dress style, just like Omawumi. And way less of the girly girl style that is mostly associated to Simi.

But not minding the personal dress styles of others, Yemi is keeping it real and startling with all she rocks.

These are some of the best (not her best actually) Yemi Alade’s outfits that we couldn’t help but steal from her Instagram page.

Yemi Alade fashionYemi Alade fashion dressYemi Alade fashion outfit

Because we have found it a bit hard to choose who does it for us more than the other, we are asking you to pick the best dresser that suits your style.

Do not forget the purpose of this, being a simple way to analyze dress codes between the two veteran singers and performers, which should motivate you to pick any style when you feel bossy, chic-chic, repping Africa and dinning.


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