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Omotola Vrs Celine Dion: Who Rocks Red Better?

Omotola Vrs Celine Dion: Who Rocks Red Better?


Omotola Jelade Ekehinde and Celine Dion are celebrities in their two different worlds. Celine Dion is a 51 years old American lady and singer who grew up in Canada and has had an amazing musical career which has a global influence while Omotola Jelade Ekehinde is a 41 years old Nigerian lady, movie celebrity and star with a growing influence worldwide. Omotola recently shared a new photo on Instagram where she wore a lovely red dress. The photo was taken in Instanbul and many fans have shown their love and admiration for her.

Omotola, Celine Dion

In a similar vein the singer Celine Dion made headlines when she was at a public event for the lovely dress she wore. Although she is much older than Omotola, she still enjoys a lot of support and admiration from fans for her elegance and style.

We should not wait until Omotola turns 51 before a fair comparison can be done since both celebrities have shared photos in which they wore red dresses on their Instagram handle.

That beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder might just be an underestimation of the power of  the human judgment. This claim is true especially when judged against the fact that we all love beauty in nature and arts.


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The two celebrities are from two completely different worlds, one polished with the fragrance of French and American culture while the other is considered naturally endowed with beauty.

Comparing the two celebrities is like finding the dividing line between concept and nature.

In the eyes of Americans what endears them to the lovely Celine Dion is more than just beauty or sexism which thrives among most African female celebrities.

What makes Celine Dion appealing is most likely a concept. The concept of style, of art, of entertainment and of melody. These are the brainchild of French culture and the American life which influenced her.

For Omotola, it is quite difficult to talk about concepts in her case because the lovely Omosexy as she is fondly called may not match with the pomp and style of Celine Dion.

She has also not drawn her inspiration from the Black culture.

Simply put, the color “Red” is a concept signifying love, beauty, harmony, and freedom which are essential qualities of the artist to which both belong.

Even though we can say that beauty is universal, the measure of beauty that each celebrity explores might give one an edge over the other. So, you be the judge.


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