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Our Top Fashion Finest Outfits On Melissa’s Wardrobe IG Fashion Page

Our Top Fashion Finest Outfits On Melissa’s Wardrobe IG Fashion Page

If you spend some time on Melissa’s wardrobe IG page, you will never leave without having a pick and a choice on one or more of her engrossing outfits.

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Her IG page is a go-to for fashion steals and because we couldn’t wait to bring you spoilers before you head over to her IG page, we want to hike your huger and keep you gripped with these dresses and outfits from her IG page, ranging from her street styles, dinner outfits and corporate styles.

These Are Our 10/10 Outfits From Melissa’s Wardrobe IG Page And Why We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Them.

Not to be biased, but we have found this shimmering Sequined Spliced short gown to be more interesting and luscious than every other outfit on her IG page.

Melissa’s Wardrobe

Interestingly, Melissa didn’t leave it at 6/10, but she topped our taste with a strap stiletto heels that exchange the back buckle with spiked feathers for a more calling look complemented with a silver colored drop earrings.

For our number two pick on Melissa’s wardrobe IG page, we are going for this buff all black short coat and a saucy high-thigh boot.

Melissa’s Wardrobe

But if you ever get an evening date or a wedding invite to honor, you could switch to this Melissa’s satin body-holding gown matched with a pair of ankle strap stiletto heels.

From Melissa’s wardrobe IG page

The ultimate trick and secret to Melissa’s looks can be attributed to her choice of outfit colors, dress shapes and urban styles that give more fitting to her body.

Her street styles code is simple, edgy look + urban and eye catching closed up dresses. And secondly, though not a formal outfit kinda chic, her sense for boss chic styles on these outfits can’t be ignored.

Also on Melissa’s Wardrobe IG page, we spotted this ever green look of poker dotted gowns and a statement show to go with.

As simple as it might appear, this particular looks garnered up to 7k likes on her IG page, with her followers wishing they could fit into the Melissa’s Wardrobe literally.

There are more of the unmissable looks and outfits from Melissa’s Wardrobe and we wished to cover more and spoil you totally before you check them out on her IG page yourself, but we have to point you towards her IG page so that you choose for yourself, the styles and outfits that topped your number chart and tickled you to fashion dreamland.

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