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Why you need a pair of sneakers in your wardrobe

Why you need a pair of sneakers in your wardrobe

you’re like the regular, conservative woman, hearing the word ”sneakers” brings so many question to mind. At the heart of it is the ultimate concern,” how do I style my sneakers to suit my type of dressing without looking like a joke?” Well, we are here to tell you all about it. You can most definitely be effortlessly chic and still retain your cool vibes in any pair of sneakers.

Having a good pair of sneakers in your wardrobe is a fashion essential. First they are comfortable (of course), fit into any outfit and give your ensemble a certain finishing that is cool and trendy. These leg wears could never go out of fashion because, who doesn’t love comfort? Huh? No one! And just because beauty doesn’t have to be about pain. So here are a few reasons why you need a pairs of sneakers in your wardrobe.

Sneaker feel fresh and dope with jeans (loose or fitted to ripped and light washed) giving you that dope street style.

Sneakers fashion trends

You could also pair them with a short or long body fitted gown. You could also elevate any pair of sneaker by pairing them with a sleek suit, this particular look gives you instant street cred or supposing you’re looking to play down your work look. More so, you could pair your sneakers with shorts and a funky top for a chill day out.

Why you need a pair of sneakers in your wardrobe

Pairing your favorite knee length or midi dress with a pair of sneakers is also the way to go this season. They are comfy and stylish and accentuate your outfit to give that cool, flirty ensemble.

Sneakers are tough, and so last longer than your regular shoes, you could wear these for years and still have them looking fresh and in vogue. Even more interesting is the fact that your sneakers could serve multipurpose functions, they come in handy for hiking, running and a good day at the gym.

It’s important to note that fashion is all about making a statement with your outfit, what you shouldn’t do with your sneakers is pair it in a manner that gets people confused about what fashion statement you’re trying to make. Be certain the kind of look you’re going for and rock it with confidence.

Finishing your outfit with a pair of cool sneakers has the ability to give your look that cool, laid back style in a sense that suggests that you’re not trying too hard. Long gone are the days that every outfit needed to be paired with the right heels, these days, the right pair of sneakers are the new heels. Don’t be left out on this trend.

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