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Photos of Davido’s Look-alike Baby Trends Online

Photos of Davido’s Look-alike Baby Trends Online

This baby looks just like Nigeria’s famous celebrity Davido in many ways especially his smile. The photo of this baby was shared by Kim Kardashian on her Instagram wall. It quickly became a matter of interest to fans who know the popular singer Davido.

In most photos that Davido shares he hardly wears a smile but when he does he looks just like this baby except for the dimples.

The cute baby is obviously Kim Kardashian’s son, his complexion is almost the same with Davido’s, his eyes are also prominent with thick eye lids.

Davido is known to have two daughters from two different baby Mamas. The first is Aurora Imade Adeleke who given birth to by Davido’s famous baby Mama Sophia Momodu. The paternity of the child was determined by a DNA test which was followed by various struggles for the custody of the child.The fallout between Davido and his baby Mama ended for good and the duo are now in good terms.



Shortly after that, Davido was rumored to have gotten another baby Mama pregnant. Her name was Amanda and this time she was from the United States of America where he was born.

There were no gossips or rumors as to when or how they related before the pregnancy, news only broke out that Davido had another daughter.


Davido celebrates his daughters especially on his Instagram wall and has shown no sign of getting married to any of his Baby Mamas.

More recently, he is known to be with a new girlfriend Chioma who many fans believe may become the singers wife. However, not all fans think so because of a rumor that Chioma was carrying his third child. Even though the celebrity Davido has tried to show his commitment to her in many ways, there are still fears that Chioma may end up as the third baby Mama.

He has no formal dealings with Kim Kardashian, neither is there any record of any meeting between her and the baby. Their resemblance might be a natural coincidence.



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