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Photos: Tonto Dikeh Stuns In A Pink Dress As She Celebrates Her 33 Years Birthday

Photos: Tonto Dikeh Stuns In A Pink Dress As She Celebrates Her 33 Years Birthday

 Tonto Dikeh Stuns In A Pink Dress As She Celebrates Her 33 Years Birthday

Born-again actress and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh share bunches of stunning photos  in a pink dress as she turns 33 on Saturday, June 8th. She shared breath-taking pictures to her one million fans as she adds another year in Abuja.

Tonto Dikeh who promised to spoil her fans with an expensive gift including a plot of land shared countless photos of herself in a mermaid pink dress as she celebrates her 33 years birthday with some friends and celebrities, including bleaching expert, Bobrisky was also captured at the event in Abuja.

The Nollywood actress also shared few tips about life and some of the important lessons she has learnt so far. She wrote; “Happy birthday to me!
They say ‘Life opens up many unexpected changes, beautiful possibilities and even some disastrous heartbreak. That’s how life is – it’s spontaneous, amazing, painful and yet, undeniably fulfilling’. People usually compare their life to that of a roller coaster. Spinning them round and round with unexpected twists and turns”.

“I realised my life has been somewhat different. I would say my life has been rather one heck of an Amusement park that harbours many rollercoasters. For many years I had been jumping from one ride to the other in search of fulfilment to a void I felt Was empty. No matter the next ride I got in, it would take me to the same destination”.

“A disappointing end to an exhilarating journey. This was the repetitive manner in which I lived my life. Little did I know that a higher being had higher plans for me. Little did I know that the Angels where looking down in heavy anticipation. Waiting for instructions from the Father to intercept my case“.
“You see life is like an unending school. Those who refuse to learn will never progress to a higher level. As I clock another year in the university of life I can confidently say that I am progressing to the next level. I have learnt so much in the class of Giving, Love, understanding and spirituality.
I want to thank God for the gift of life. There is nothing more precious“.

King Tonto stuns in a pink mermaid dress as she strikes a pose with a bunch of rose flowers, with a matchy hairstyle, flawless makeup and a touch of lip colour which complements her look as she turns 33 years.

See more photos of her gorgeous pink dress below…

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