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Pre Wedding Photoshoot – The Worthiest Looks For Your Big Day. (No 7 Is Heavenly)

Find a partner, get things set… oh we don’t have a grate photo together, we need the best photographer for this… Okay, call a (photographer) for the best Pre wedding Photoshoot. {Photographer arrives} All set? Okay, Hey, say cheese… and then what? Uh uuhh, you’re out of pose?

For real?

Yes for real. This is most couple’s mid-nightmare. No matter how raving hot they look on their casual photos, and how spicy their pose can be on every other day, there is a tension that comes with Pre wedding photoshoot, and by this, I mean, it hits everybody.

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So take some clue from us today. (actually not us, but IG), memorize these, practice in your own space, let it become a part of you, then hit the day for the Pre wedding photoshoot like you’ve been doing it all of your life.

These Are The Marriage Provoking Pre Wedding Photoshoot That We Found On… IG Of Course.

pre wedding photoshoot - Kisses

pre wedding photoshoot pre wedding photoshoot - Mr and Miss


There are common findings in all these pictures. These findings are basically what makes every Pre wedding photoshoot come out as the best of its time.

And you who is looking for a ritzy look for you and yours, should take note of these common tricks.

Keep Your Lips Smiling

pre wedding photoshoot - smiles

Hardly do you see Pre wedding photoshoot of any couple without a smile. Unless it was intentional, to mean something or send a message, let your lips curve with smiles.

Background Matters

pre wedding photoshoot - smiling

pre wedding photoshoot

Do not forget that the Pre wedding photoshoot isn’t for your faces alone, but for everything around you. Whatever you’re inviting into the picture, let it reflect a great mood.

Choose A Professional Photographer

pre wedding photoshoot

If you need a great shoot, you got to pay up for it. Do not use your village boy because of familiarity sake, you will end up having mug shots in place of a Pre wedding photoshoot

Keep It As Natural As The Bedroom Moments

pre wedding photoshoot

Just the way the fun and love is behind closed doors, this is the way your countenance and mood should be for the shoot. Having a free, playful moment, then click click…

NB: though there are other things that happen behind closed doors, we don’t need to see them, just have your best cloths on for a Pre wedding photoshoot, not your birthday suit. *winks*

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Take Away

Preparing for your big day can be frustrating and tiring. Some women might be drawn into a serious mood swing because of this, so it is advised that as a man, you keep things under control and make sure she gets the best of it.

And the lady, have your mind taken off from other areas of the wedding this period. Let your best friend handle some for now. You should get the photos that people see at the corners of your IV right.

Now, you may kiss the bride…

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