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Pretty Mike Of Lagos Calls Out Buhari And Others For Sleeping With Video Vixens

Pretty Mike of Lagos calls out Buhari

Pretty Mike of Lagos

Pretty Mike of Lagos, the co-owner of club Uno, a bespoke night club and lounge in Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, have listed Unlimited LA whose full name is Olaleke Buhari, Paul Gambit and Clarence A. Peters as music directors who take advantage of video vixens who work for them.

Pretty Mike on his Instagram page listed few of the top models who play the role of video vixens for top music video producers and their alleged sexual involvement with their directors. ‘most of their pay depends on the directors, artist n budget of the video’ he said as he tags the instagram handler @opeyemeee, accusing him of having slept with most of the girls he has promoted or recommended for a job, leveraging his title as the top industry middleman.

His followers on Instagram seem to vibe with his energy and bravery in calling out these producers and their victims. He might have called war on himself and drawn the battle line, but Pretty Mike of Lagos surely knows a lot about the industry and he is not keeping any cat hostage in the bag.

One of the known thirst in the industry is to stay relevant and on the limelight at all cost, not minding the consequences. We surely don’t know if Pretty Mike is seeking for cheap attention to boost his visibility and business or sincerely out pouring his bottled thoughts, but one thing is for sure, there’s truth in every rumor, and this accusations won’t fade away so easily.

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