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Priyanka Chopra Featured On The Cover Of Elle UK

Priyanka Chopra  Featured On The Cover Of Elle UK

Priyanka Chopra Recently Featured On The Cover Of Elle UK and She Revealed A lot About Meghan Markle

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Who is a global icon recently featured on the cover of Elle UK and during the same, she revealed a lot about her pal Meghan Markle aka Megs. She said, “Megs, she was always meant for big things. To be a change and and an important voice in doing that. It’s amazing that she found that calling and has the platform to be able to do it.”

She also commented on the negativity commentary that has been on since Meghan got married to Prince Harry. PC said , “I’ve seen that, and it’s really unfortunate. But if there’s anyone who can handle it, it’s her. Of course, it has to do with racism, it’s an obvious reason.”

She later added how humble Meghan is and has been all this while. Chopra said, “The beauty of Meg is that she’s been herself through all of this. A lot of people, got to know her after everything, but I knew her before (she started dating Harry) and she’s the same chick.”

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