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Regina Daniels Drives Her Husband’s Customized Ferrari Around The Streets Of Abuja

Regina Daniels Drives Her Husband’s Customized Ferrari Around The Streets Of Abuja

While we question her intention in marrying a near 60 year old man, Regina Daniels appears to be utterly unbothered about our jealousy and cultural balance, instead, she showed off her near-perfect legs, exposed by a short gown and complimented by her leg chains and sandals, while driving around in Husband, Ned Munir Nwoko customized Ferrari, in the streets of Abuja.

How old is Regina Daniels?

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels, 18, born on the 10th of October 2000 is proudly married to Prince Chinedu Munir Nwoko a Nigerian lawyer, politician and businessman.

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Our recent findings regarding his status as Regina Daniels’ husband haven’t taken an honorary position on the actresses’ Wikipedia page. Our guess is that we are not the only persons who are disapproval of the union.

Sources in Abuja has it that ever since the rumored news of her marriage to the elderly man made headlines, Regina Daniels have been cruising around on his fleet of exotic cars, looking younger while enjoying the made life oh her old man.

It was also seen on a 15 seconds clip of the young actress twerking away her worries, which she captioned “Can’t dance to save my life.”

It is also worthy to note that, as much as we love her style, fashion sense and body (especially her legs) and calmness in the midst of all the saga, some of her fans disagree with the position her breast is pointed to.


One of her recent pictures which she captioned “Addicted to peace and good air.” has her depressed boobs pointed downwards, begging for some bra-help.

Regina Daniels

This aroused mixed feelings among her fans who responded quickly to the picture with negative comments and backlashes.

These Are Some Of The Comments On Regina Daniels Recent Photo.

“Regina for your rubblish mind u fine abi.anyway I don’t blame u because is u mother that spoiled u like mother like daughter, shame on u, school u no finish nah only prostitute work u no for ur life, better change so that if you die today u go reach heaven. 18years old girl like you,ur breast have fall down lol.”

“Even my own breast that I used in breastfeeding my first child for a year and some months still stand properly more than hers.”

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