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Reno Omokri intensifies the campaign for Leah Sharibu’s freedom.

Reno Omokri intensifies the campaign for  Leah Sharibu’s freedom.

The 45 years old profound writer and lawyer, took to his Instagram page @renoomokri ,posing with two other white girl where they all wore shirts with the hashtag “#FreeLeahSharibu”  & #RenosNuggets.

In Reno’s word, “Nothing has a shorter shelf life than ideas. When you have ideas, write them down. Never trust your memory. A short pencil is longer than the longest memory. Nobody stole your idea. You just failed to write it down and God gave it to another person. No light bulb can give as much light as the sun. No beverage can quench thirst like water. Nothing can clear your head like fresh air. And nobody can give you ideas for wealth creation and soul satisfaction like God. Meanwhile enjoy our #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets outfits”

It has been over a year now since the abduction of Leah, and all efforts to get her out of her captives hands, Bokoharam, seems to be abortive.

While some are still keeping their fingers crossed, others are already skeptical if Leah is still alive. This is quite vivid as people comment on Reno’s post.

Notable Comments

  • Sir@Renos are you sure Leah’s still alive? I doubt it. thanks and happy Sunday.
  • @Streboi Because of this ladies you’re saying all this no problem continue
  • @efejones1 All i see are two fine girls having a free time with you sir. #Enjoyoyinbo girls#

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