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Royal Fashion: boring or class?

Royal Fashion: boring or class?

Who else ever saw pictures of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Catherine – our fabulous royal obsessions- and just thought to themselves, royalty is boring! Hells no! I could never live like that. Well, I feel you. particularly for those weird mornings you just woke up and felt like switching it up, going a little extra crazy with that fashion, felt like experimenting with hairstyles or exposing a little more flesh. Well, apparently royalties don’t have that luxury. They have to come out to the world daily looking prim and proper in their demure style.

The royal culture of maximum conservation seems to be particular to British royalty as we have seen royals from other parts of the world, defy the norm and dared to dress to their personal taste. However, this level of sophistication, propriety, and attention to details displayed by the royals has over time stood as a beacon of light to show the world that decorum is class, there’s the starkly opposite current trends of “less is more”, less clothes, less manners, less etiquettes, less discipline, less personal privacy, and so forth, I could go on for days. Celebrities from all over the world and even normal everyday folks today have encouraged and embraced this popular culture and oftentimes leave nothing to the imagination in the way of dressing.

The Brits’ royals’ style may be regarded as bland and boring but definitely not cheap, the royals step out in thousands of Dollars worth of clothes, for events and royal tours keeping it classy and chic. I guess the idea is to not garner attention to themselves in an unruly way – a concept that has been long lost to the average lady – and keep the focus on the task at hand and the ideology they represent.

Before I come off as condescending or disregarding to the less conservative, its important I add that this is not to in anyway point fingers No! not at all, this is just a way of informing you, that you as a person, your values and character is what essentially makes you the woman of great worth that you are and not necessarily the clothes you wear or how much you dare to reveal. You should be accepted for your person and not for appearances.

And no better family does this massive work of showing this life lessons than the Brit royals. They have stayed the course unraveled by trend and seasons and we love them for it.

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