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Rudeboy: The Other Half of Psquare

Rudeboy: The Other Half of Psquare

Rudeboy has shown by his outstanding performance since the 2017 split that he is up to the task of building his own musical career as a solo singer without the support of his brother Mr P with whom he built the former super brand Psquare.

Every fan of the defunct PSquare, one of the most amazing music team in recent Nigerian entertainment history is conversant with the fact that the two brothers who made up the team had their perceived unique specialties.

Rudeboy was known to be the singer and lead producer by most fans. This obviously was not well accepted by Mr P his brother and team member who believed that Rudeboy was getting all the accolades for their hard work.

When the news of the split broke out in 2017 most fans were bothered about Mr. P who was perceived as playing a passive role in the team. He was known for his nice dance steps.

The crack which began many years before their eventual split was not far from the discrepancy surrounding who got more credit for their successes.

Two years after, both singers seem to be doing well but Rudeboy seems to have benefited more from the PSquare fans, many of whom still see him as the true PSquare which lives on.

Rudeboy has certainly written off any move to reunite with his brother and has made tremendous progress in his solo career. Some of his latest songs are reality, Somebody baby and Is Allowed.

Rudeboy will continue to thrill his fans and release more original songs that will possibly change his current status from a splinter group of PSquare to a well established Rudeboy brand that will become a popular name in the world of entertainment.


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