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My Son Is Not Related To Obansajo, Actress Tonto Dikeh Raises Alarm

My Son Is Not Related To Obansajo, Actress Tonto Dikeh Raises Alarm

Actress  Tonto Dikeh has revealed that former President Olusegun Obasanjo isn’t her son’s grandchild.

The actress sparked off when an Instagram page dedicated to celebrity kids posted a picture of her son King Andrè with the former president and made a caption on the post with “The former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo and his grandson 100% cute”.

Tonto quickly replied the blog, correcting the illusion that Obasanjo wasn’t her son’s granddad.

The drama queen replied; “Excuse me that’s my son and that’s not his grandfather in any way. Baba is a great man and has been wonderful to me and my son but unfortunately we have no blood relationship with Baba”.

Her comment didn’t end there as the born-again actress went to dig more into the messy relationship between her and ex-husband Churchhill Olakunle and how her ex- made her believe that Obasanjo was her father in law.

She further said: “But wldnt have you using my son’s image for a lie. He has 2grand fathers. One is late and mine is very much alive. I was as ignorant as you until I found the truth so pls pls pls and pls again I’m a mother and I wildnt tolerate this… Thanks and God bless you & your business”.

Tonto Dikeh and Churchill Olakunle’s divorce scandal hit the internet last year which finally led to the end of their marriage.

Churchill later filed a suit in January 2018 this year against the actress at the family court, preventing his Son, King Andrè from features on her reality TV “King Tonto” which was produced by Linda Ikeji.Churchill Olakunle claims he was protecting the image of their son and which he feels the ex-wife using the show for financial gains.

As of last year, Nollywood actress made the list of the most talked about Nigerian celebrities for 2017.

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