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Top Five South African Fashion Bloggers On Instagram, Who Are More Than Inspiration To Us.

Top Five South African Fashion Bloggers On Instagram, Who Are More Than Inspiration To Us.

If you are aspiring to join the league of South African fashion bloggers, or even become a fashion blogger in Africa, there are things you should be giving more attention to.

Things that are African-fashion related (African models, fashion bloggers, style, tone, fashion magazines etc.) and then the world at large, you should be looking at these areas to always get inspired and dish out your best.

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Today we are looking at the five top South African fashion bloggers who are inspiring us beyond the gram.

So if you are really aspiring to become a seasoned fashion blogger, these five South African fashion bloggers can give you the daily dose you need to sit up.

South African Fashion Bloggers

Our number one on the list is Palesa Mahlaba (@simplypalesa), a former magazine fashion editor. With more than 81k followers on the gram she is one dishing out her awesomeness with a tone of style that is easy and water-like.

From editing for a fashion blog to reviewing new fashion products, Palesa Mahlaba is one blogger we should draw inspiration from.

South African Fashion Bloggers

Aisha Baker (@bakedonline) is another fashion blogger to fix your eyes on.

Not minding her well-defined passion for fashion blogging, the Serena Gomez look alike can easily be mistaken for a fashion model also.

Aisha’s fashion style is simple, we can easily define her style to be model-like, and perfect for a source of motivation as she has been in this blog game for more than 9 years.

Coming that long to finally win Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for best blogger, and Superbalist’s top South African fashion influencers.

South African Fashion Bloggers

Brett Robson (@brettrobson) who lost her job in 2010, is another style and beauty Blogger with more concentration on beauty products, and less of fashion.

Though she has a fashion line focused on high end fashion wears for women, she plays around with beauty products on Instagram more than she does with fashion.

Looking for some leading from a beauty and fashion blogger who knows how to get words out with the right language and style, look at Brett.

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Aqeelah Harron (@fashionbreed) –

South African Fashion Bloggers

Let’s talk about Aqeelah for a while, who isn’t only a fashion and beauty blogger, but also a travel blogger.

Aqeelah prides herself to be a modest fashion blogger, which goes a long way for religious minded wanna-be bloggers, who are most concerned about modesty.

She is proof that you can be a fashion blogger and remain modest.

We love her style because of her simplicity, yet, eye-catching and contagious fashion style.

Tshepang “Twiggy” Mollison (@twiggymoli) –

South African Fashion Bloggers

Some have classified her to be tom boyish in her style, we disagree with that. Twiggy is a typical girl, with an electric sense for fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle and food.

We have lost words to describe Twiggy with, her style is just spoils of head for us, and we just can’t think clearly while still glancing through her gram page.

Word Bite

One thing you need to understand about our top five South African Fashion Bloggers, is the uniqueness and similarity in their styles and tone. So we encourage you to always look their way the moment you start to lose your creative mind to ‘broing’.

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