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I thought I was being taken by the authorities for special treatment because I’m a celebrity-Pantless Dancer Zodwa Wabantu fires back!

I thought I was being taken by the authorities for special treatment because I’m a celebrity-Pantless Dancer Zodwa Wabantu fires back!

‘Everyone wants me to change’- Erotic Dancer, Zodwa Wabantu says

South African pantless dancer Zodwa Wabantu talks about her deportation by the Zambia authorities and how she felt.

According to Zodwa, her fans liked her without panties.

Zodwa was deported by the Zambia authorities last weekend.
According to a source, Zodwa was deported on the ground that her performance would “undermine national values”.

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Zambia deports pantless South Africa Dancer Zodwa Wabantu


The erotic dancer was booked to perform on Saturday, March 10th but the show was cancelled by the authorities in the country. Zodwa spoke to DRUM on Monday about the ordeal.

Can you tell us about your experience of your deportation?

Zodwa: Around 15:30 they told me I’m going to be last to get off the plane, then the authorities came and they never said anything to me.

she said: I thought I was being taken by the event organisers or getting special treatment by the authorities because I’m a celebrity, only to be taken to the airport office, where they awaited calls from the official in charge of immigration.

How did you feel?

“I tried to be calm because I didn’t know what was happening. I was not scared because I didn’t do anything. They also made me comfortable, saying, “you didn’t do anything Zodwa, and it’s just that it’s the law of Zambia”.

what reason do they give you for being deported?

Nothing, I even asked, but they were nice towards me, they said: “It’s not you, It’s the law”. I don’t know maybe it’s because I don’t wear panties.They never said anything to me.

What are you going to do about the way you were treated?

I’m not going to do anything. I’m okay, I’m an entertainer, let them fight between their powers.

Maybe it’s their way of making South Africans aware that they’re Zambians. Maybe it’s beyond what you and I know, maybe it’s about power and politics.

Do you feel they want you to change as a person?

Yes, I think so. I think everyone wants me to change, you know? I’m a woman. I’m free, I’m able to do what I want, it’s my body. It’s my choice not wearing a panty.

But do you know everyone makes it as if I go on stage and say, ‘hi everyone I’m not wearing panty’ as if I’m showing my p****. I don’t wear the panty thatìs all.

My fans say, Zodwa we see you are not wearing panty, we love you because you are not wearing a panty. I’m an entertainer, as in allowing my fans to tell me what to do-not people who aren’t party goers and who don’t support what I do.

Zambia constitution states that it is a Christian nation, are you a Christian?

No, I don’t want to say I am. It’s just a name, whether you say you’re a saint or a Church goer, those words are just what society wants.



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