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The Adorable Fashion Style Of Kefilwe Mabote – I Bet You Will Envy Her

The Adorable Fashion Style Of Kefilwe Mabote – I Bet You Will Envy Her

If we ever say, watch out for this fashion icon and his/her fashion style, just really watch out because the person tag is a fashion wave that will blow your favorite fashion stylist home. Kefilwe Mabote is one to really watch out for.

A chic-chic with a fetching face. Kefilwe’s fashion styles will engage you.

Kelfilwe Mabote have held key positions in fashion and bauty related settings. She has held the SA Style Award Winner for Social Media 2017. The 2018 Glamour Digital Influencer of The Year and currently 2019 Cosmopolitan Best Lifestyle Influencer Award Winner.

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If your fave fashion stylist have crossed these miles, and can boast of a 666k number of followers on IG, then let we will hand over the baton.

So let’s detail the fashion styles that best fit the 2019 cosmopolitan best lifestyle influencer award winner.

Swoooooch! You can never be on Kefilwe Mabote IG page and not stare for a while at her summer swim vacay and not want a bit of the chic. Her body hit 100%, matched with an ash colored swim wear.

Kefilwe Mabote fashion style

Kefilwe Mabote fashion style

We could have loved to give more of this alluring look, but she’s keeping body parts off the cameras, off the direct kiss of the sun.

Red Is Bae!

Kefilwe Mabote fashion style

If you ever wish to style like Kefilwe Mabote on a Friday evening, throw in some red cutout gown, wear a smile and leave out your good girl virtues, a bit.

Kefilwe Mabote is looking more like sin than she is looking like one whose fashion style is number one. The first thing that might come to mind when you come across these pictures is paaaaaaaaaaaarty.

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Cheque. Deals And Handshakes.

Kefilwe Mabote fashion style (2)

This is how to wear your boss chich outfits for executive meeting for Mondays. Here you leave out the bad girl touch and rock some high waist razor cut flare trousers and gowns just for the right Monday works.

A tummy belt to segment and give your body the 8 shape might be unnecessary or well, necessary.

Also your wardrobe might need some of these Kefilwe Mabote outfit for days you will need some Mafia look.

Have A Girl Squad That Slays Too.

Kefilwe Mabote fashion style (3)

Do not use the term BFFs if your girl squad don’t hold it down like Kefliwe Mabote’s girls would. I mean, what will be the need of a girl squad for a weekend party when you don’t bring your A’game fashion style to life? Tragic.

Chuck It Down With A Bright Color. The End…Not The End.

Kefilwe Mabote fashion style (4)

Bright colors are statement makers, period. Let it be your saving grace, let it fit in into your weekly outfit. If you must slay, you must have bright colors that attract eyes any time of the day.

A banner hat can fit in for every weather, especially when the sun didn’t come to kiss but to hurt.

We could have loved to let you see more of Kefliwe Mabote’s pictures and choose how it can help your next fashion shopping for the next vacation. If you have to look, check her IG page and let us know how well you imaginary fit into her dresses.

…and more of every other thing.

A Statement bag

A gigantic Hair that talks…

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