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The Convertible High Heel Shoe Is A Fashion Saver For Girls Who Carry 1+ Footwear

The Convertible High Heel Shoe Is A Fashion Saver For Girls Who Carry 1+ Footwear

Hey ladies. Face it, high heel shoes are adorable and they remark your elegance right? Right. Don’t worry, we boys see all the efforts and we at least won’t waste your time looking elsewhere. But how tough can it be standing on inches for the whole day, adding the time spent on dais for presentation with same killing footwear?

And oh, you probably will spend that evening date with beau, still hanging on that same high heel shoe. Enduring swollen toes and the stress.

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Well, this is why the carriage of multiple footwear comes in play mostly for ladies who love standing on inches above ground level.

It has been included in the fashion bible, exceptionally for ladies, that it is quite okay to carry more than the adequate ‘a pair per day/occasion’ rule. Soon it will become more disturbing than the stress gotten from those bites got from tight high heal shoe worn all day.

But what if you are told that the savior of your stress is here? Yes, it is in the detachable heels of high heel shoe that cat walked its way into the fashion industry.

high heel shoe - footwear

high heel shoe

There are footwear designed with the ability to detach its heels from the body of the high heels, converting it into flats for any occasion and purpose. Especially when you do not need the shoe bites and stuff.

Olga Streltchenko from Ottawa Canada got this plan working because of her sympathy for ladies who find it challenging to wear high heel shoes for a longer time.

“I am not very tall, so I like to be on high heels at work to enhance my presence, but I like to switch to lower, more comfortable heels to go home. And if I plan on going out after work, I take a pair of metallic heels with me, which are more playful.” – Olga Streltchenko

One of the benefit of this fashion development is the ease-of-switch feature it has. Ladies can now switch from heels to flats in any footwear with this feature.


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