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There’s A Makeup Brand For Men. Yay or Huh?

There’s A Makeup Brand For Men. Yay or Huh?

Makeup is something we all know some women love. And some are die-hard fan of makeup. We have makeup artists both pros and beginners. But the new gist is, there are makeup brands for men. Yeah, men! You are thinking what exactly do men need makeup for. What do they want to highlight, contour, blend etc. Ok , makeup is something that has been popular among Korean men.

A few years ago cosmetic giant MAC launched a line of unisex grooming goodies in collaboration with the Brant Brothers. Also Chanel has released a Boy de Chanel makeup line. The-Men are showing interest in beauty, because they don’t want women to have all the fun.

The makeup brand we are discussing about today is Warpaint. A UK-based brand launched few months ago. They claim that their products cater to the needs of men’s skin. Their line is quite impressive in that it includes everything from concealer to foundation to bronzer and everything in between. Men are taking pictures of their beauty collections. Warpaint has reviews about their makeup brand.

Men aren’t lagging behind, they seriously want an enhancement to their beauty. Makeup is a female thing, says who? Men now have theirs.

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