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Tips on how to keep your relationships fresh and exciting.

Tips on how to keep your relationships fresh and exciting.

Don’t we all have that moment when you just wished you were still single or wished you had more friends?, well, I did. Not because the love disappeared. No, what I later found out was that we had been too clueless to think that the relationship would maintain itself, not putting the necessary efforts to keep it fresh and exciting, is the major key to ruining any kind of relationship.

Be it friendships, or a romantic relationship, it’s wise to know that they need to be tended to, I often meet people who say if the love is there, then I’m not worried, or “she’s my friend already and we love each other, so it’s easy like that”, and 6 months later, ask those same folks and they say stuff like “ I don’t know what happened, we just drifted apart, I’m still shocked”. Well, I’m not, it was a long time coming. So how do you go about being the super awesome friend or spouse? first;

Cultivate a listening spirit

I meet people daily who are often about themselves. Start a convo with them, they have a subtle way of always making it about them, don’t be that person, be willing to listen, everybody has their fair share of problems, it doesn’t have to start and end with you.


Give your time, heart, material stuff, your ears (to listen) and your arms (to hold and to help). Don’t be that person that saps people dry but is a dessert themselves. You want time, attention, love, care from others but you don’t know the first thing about giving. Don’t be that person, cause that person ends up ruining everything.

For example, you forget everybody’s birthday but feel so bad when people forget yours. Huh? The principle of reaping what you sow applies here. To reap goodness, you have to sow it.

Share and Encourage their dreams and ambitions

I have over time found that relationships that last longer and grow stronger with time are those, in which the parties share a similar drive to be successful. One in which they are both willing to see the other grow and be great at their dreams. These are the best.

Don’t be that friend that is quick to shoot down your friend or lover’s ambitions as unachievable. Support and root for them, go the extra mile by patronizing them, buying them support materials, and encouraging them daily to push forward. Those kinds of relationships are goals.

Have fun together

Tips on how to keep your relationships fresh and exciting.

If you have the kind of relationship that is all about serious business every time, them it’s doomed to fail. You should share fun moments together, play, go out, shop and do all the fun stuff. This is important because it helps build Important memories that stand as a binding force to keep the relationship grounded. Those moments when it gets ugly, these are the memories you remember that make you stay.

A life void of intimate relationships is lonesome more so, a life filled with a high turnover of relationships is one void of understanding. Do right by your friends or lover and start to apply these tips starting today.

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