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Toke Makinwa Goes Nude To Publicize Her Cosmetics Line “Glow By TM”

Toke Makinwa Goes Nude To Publicize Her Cosmetics Line “Glow By TM”

Toke Makinwa Goes Nude To Publicize Her Cosmetic Line Glow By TM

Media personality and the author of ‘On Becoming’ Toke Makinwa took her Instagram page to post a completely nude picture of herself ahead of her new cosmetics line, Glow by TM.

Toke simply captioned the photo: When you glow there is nothing to hide #InvestinyourGlow13.08.2018 cc @glowbytm.

Her nude photo makes her 1.9 million fans worried with some supporting her and others against her.

Read the backlash…

“So what is glow? Is it a highlighter, body lotion, oil, hair product… na wa o, you just wrote glow and can’t even put any description of what you are selling, like we are supposed to figure it out … very smart” 👏👏

Another concerned follower even labelled her as the Nigerian Kim Kardashian. She wrote:

“Toke you lack common sense since 1900. This kind of picture is meant to be in your bedroom or bathroom. Please what are you teaching these young girl’s looking up to you. I have always rooted for you in my conversations with friends n family they all think I defend you blindly but this one ☝️ you just fall my hand and disappointed me big time”.

“What is the point of gaining the world and losing your soul. Yeah, you don’t care about what we have to say but you just embarrassed yourself and your entire family!!! Please sit down think would your late mom be happy to see your nudity on World Wide Web like this!!! This is the height of trashiness. I would love to go on but the whole idea is just sickening. Pele Nigerian Kim K. Weldone ma👊🏽 Your nudity is your definition of courage and strength. Omo low self-esteem is worrying you baje the main reason you bleached your skin because of man???😌😌😌 Toke I want to believe that na sawdust dey your brain. What do I know???? Lemme continue minding business biko”.

Some of her die-hard fans were in support of her…

Toke Makinwa Goes Nude To Publicize Her Cosmetics Line "Glow By TM"

‘I repeat that all Nigerians are hypocritical, this society always want to body shame,  slut-shame and police women.  I  would beat to my chest that if it was a male celebrity that did this we will all praise him and that is gender discrimination at it’s finest.  It is her body and choice like this is a grown woman we are talking about’.

“The picture isn’t even all that nude, I don’t see boobs or vagina but just her legs and hands and feet but even though she goes totally naked it is her life and choice.  The females and males coming here to talk be having body count of 50 and above that means 50 people have seen you naked,  why the hypocrisy dumb heads?. The one’s talking about she is a role model,  why should your child look up to everything someone does and not you as the parent, I see something wrong”.

“Train you all children and stop thinking people would live their life for them, there are lots of things to learn from Toke Makinwa other than this, she is an independent and hardworking lady.  I  see you all fan and die about Beyonce, Rihanna, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and you all going in on her talking about this is not our culture,  little do you  dumb heads know that pre-colonial Africa was Nudity and been scantily dressed, i mean the  culture  you all talking about is those of  your pastors, religious heads and you all condeming people, wannabe  deputy of God. Toke acts Godly and then she is doing this,  it is  her business with God and you don’t know her relationship with God. Hypocritical Mofos worrying about the wrong thing when your country is on fire right now”.

Another wrote: “This is beautiful… You are unstoppable”

Glow by TM cosmetics is set to be out on August 13 2018!


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