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Tonto Dikeh Is On The News Again, This Time, For The Right Reason

Tonto Dikeh Is On The News Again, This Time, For The Right Reason

We are putting the spotlight on Tonto Dikeh again, but this time, we are giving her a place in heaven just to countdown to her forthcoming B-day.

So, to countdown to her big day happening on the 9th of June, it’s been considered nice to keep aside all her dirty linens, readjust her crown and take a sneak peek into her dress styles of recent.

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So, Here Is Our Editor’s Top 5 Picks Of Tonto Dikeh ’s Wardrobe Styles, And How Her Fashion Sense Is Taking A Spot In Our Minds.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh Tonto Dikeh

This Tonto’s big shoulder see-through dress is everything about dinner wear. We don’t really care the modesty standard some of her fans are calling for. I mean, what’s a life without a lil bit of sin. (Smiles).

tonto dikeh tonto dikeh tonto dikeh tonto dikeh

Hello fans, if you want some decency, you can go for these king Tonto’s bride look.

Tonto Dikeh Tonto Dikeh

“Barbies, nails, and fashion – I’ll take everything in baby pink, please.” Tonto Dikeh goes all Barbie with her outfit, and not most surprisingly, we are hypnotized once again by how much 32 (now 33) could look so 18. Don’t you wannaaa?

Tonto Dikeh Tonto Dikeh

Hips don’t lie, and boobs don’t too. One time Tonto is looking like the 18 year old Barbie, looking for a prince charming. The next minute, she’s dishing a hips-loaded pictures of herself. Whichever way Tonto, we love your looks.

Tonto Dikeh

Let’s not in a hurry, forget march 24th 2018, the day the mother of one matched an all-black outfit, with a pair of white flip flops, racking 35k likes on the gram. She would have thought, “this is my casual outfit’… but to us, we could die to steal her outfit without making jail.

We know we said ‘top 5 picks of Tonto Dikeh’s wardrobe styles’. But we couldn’t help but exceed 5 picks because, just like you, we can’t have enough of the queen’s king’s style.

So, if you ever wish for some inspiration, or just a look around at your favorite celeb’s face, or even just to steal a great picture of Tonto for her forth coming picture, you sure do know where to look, and what to expect.

Happy Birthday Tonto Dikeh, we wish you more buzz on the streets of social media. Cheeeers!

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