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Our Favorite Looks From The Tony Awards 2019

Our Favorite Looks From The Tony Awards 2019

It is the month of May, and we’ve seen a series of events that brought out the functionalities from our admired personalities. But in the early hours of Monday Morning, we were ceased by Tony awards 2019.

Just like you, we’ve been seduced into airing our candid views regarding the Tony awards 2019 best red carpet looks.

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And we would love you to see this.

Tony Awards 2019.

Tony awards 2019

Tony awards 2019

Did you see Regina King’s satin inspired gown? Angelic is the expression we thought she merited, and we weren’t hesitant in tagging her our most glamorous lady of the night.

Replicating Regina’s look at the Tony awards 2019 edition, it’s quite easy, were an adorable satin gown like the 48 year old mom, and then wear her charming smile. Can you?

tony awards 2019

Our number two miss red carpet crasher for the Tony awards 2019 edition is the US actress, Vanessa Hudgens.

We can’t quite forget in a hurry, our most loved high school musical character, and her outfit for this event is reigniting everything good experience we have of her. Thank you Vanessa, we love you for the memories and more.

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On our number three spot is the guy who put the men folk on the red carpet crasher’s map. His name, Jake Gyllenhaal.

tony awards 2019tony awards 2019tony awards 2019

There’s something more elegant when you match your outfit to your skin color. And that is what Jake Gyllenhaal, the prince of Persia, actually, prince of Hollywood, did on the Tony awards 2019 event.

tony awards 2019

tony awards 2019tony awards 2019 tony awards 2019

We could actually rename the term, ‘amazing’ with the name SAMIRA WILEY because she is simply amazing. With a v-shaped green bralette gown that lifted her boobs more like a trophy, more rays of light was shorn on her for more emphasis to be laid on dresses’ feature.

Because we are so thrilled, like everyone else, we are giving her more light from the side, showing more of her looks aside what she donned at the Tony awards 2019 show.

Here is more of the goodness from Samira Wiley.

Number 5 on this list of our gorgeous red carpet outfits at Tony awards 2019 version, is Cynthia Erivo.

tony awards 2019tony awards 2019 tony awards 2019

Cynthia brought her fashion A’ Game on board, New York times gave her a full page spot. The British born actress whose roots are from Nigeria, wowed us with her Chris Gelinas ostrich ruffle-feathered gown, matched with a hand purse that captioned “caution”.

If not for any other thing, her smile that early hours of the morning was perfect for camera lenses.

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