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Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

These Are The Men Killing It In The Entertainment Industry

For a long while, a lot of Nigerians have wondered who the top best dressed male musicians in Nigeria are. There has been a lot of debate on the subject, but after analyzing every top male musician in Nigeria, we have come up with a list of the best dressed.

A musician may need to have the ability to sing and perform on stage with so much charisma, but when the dressing aspect is terrible, this is an issue.

This list of the top best dressed male musicians in Nigeria focuses on the imagery of a male artiste, and not if he has made hit songs or not.

This list encompasses those male musicians that are seen in the fashion industry as icons, and never go wrong with what they wear.

We are looking at the overall styling, from the top of their head to the sole of their feet. What type of shoes do they wear? What kind of clothing have they been caught wearing in the past?

Are they known to start a fashion revolution? Do they have swag or class?


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

If we don’t add Wizkid, can we say that this list won’t be complete? Of course, we can. Star boy is one musical talent from Nigeria that has shot past expectations, earning awards. As a bestie of Tiwa Savage, he is one person that brings his best to whatever he does, from his music to his clothes.


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

OBO, the man after our heart, is an artist that can’t step out for a second without winning our hearts with his dress sense. Every song he has dropped has been a hit, and he never stops to win our hearts with his songs.

Not only is he a great, but he also has a great fashion sense. His chains are out of this world. Can we say his stylist should be given a star in the Walk of Fame? Can we get an Amen?
For OBO, may his reign as a fashion lord and musical Taliban continue. Ishe!


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

The kokomaster and former colleague of Don Jazzy is a man that has left us enthralled with both his music and adept dress sense. When Dbanj started out years back, he was a man, a lot of young persons looked up to for their fashion tips and advice. As he grew older, he grew out of the boyish look to his manish look, and we can’t say nothing more, but we are grateful for the eye candy he has turned out to be when fashion is concerned.


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

Egberi Papa, one of Bayelsa, is one man that has kept true to his title. Alfred Odon knows how to dress, and he doesn’t hide it. Whomever his stylist is should be given an award. If there is an Oscar or Grammy for great designers in Nigeria, Timaya’s stylist should have one.He started the walking stick trend, and have you seen many of his music videos? They scream of class. Take a look at his beard, and you won’t stop loving it.For me, he is a deserving member of the best dressed male musicians in Nigeria.


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

Banky W is a talent that is great in the music industry both as a singer and a label boss. He was the one that discovered Wizkid and some others. There is hardly any way; Banky W doesn’t slay. His dressing has earned him a top spot as a best-dressed male musician in Nigeria. He decided to top it off by getting married to one of the cutest ladies in Nollywood, Etomi Adesua. When they got married, a lot of men became envious, wondering what they could do to be in his shoes. The guy has excellent taste.


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

As a side of the coin to the defunct pair, Psquare, Peter Okoye is a fashionable chap. He is a confirmed member of the best dressed male musicians in Nigeria. One can’t call fashionable males without calling Peter. Though his twin brother, Paul, needs to upgrade  his wardrobe choices, and Peter outshines him when it comes to dressing. Pay homage to the Lord of Well Dressed Males in Nigeria.


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

Flavour N’abania is one handsome musician that has made many ladies drool. One can’t call cute and fashionable male musicians without calling Flavour. His body is well sculptured, and this can be seen in ladies fainting when they attend his shows.Being fashionable a wonderful excellent dress sense is the goal.


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

This list wouldn’t be complete if Adekunle Gold weren’t added to it. There is one thing that is noticeable about this dude, and it’s his fashion sense. Adekunle rose from the grass to grace with the help of a music genius, Olamide Adedeji, through his record label, YBNL. He is known to be different in everything he does, from his song genre to his dressing. When it comes to the traditional attires, Adekunle Gold is ranked the best-dressed male musician in Nigeria. No one can topple him in the realm of every day wears.

Adekunle screams of class when it comes to that aspect, as he knows how to mix the pattern and color.

When Adekunle came into limelight, he came with his fashion attires, as he doesn’t seem to replicate any attractive force in the world of entertainment.

Adekunle Gold refurbished our traditional attires and turned it to something that people envy and want to try out.


Patoranking may have been a rat poison seller some years back, but luck has shone on him for some time now, and we can’t have enough of the hitmaker. It seems that every song that he churns out is top notch. We can’t list the most successful Nigerian musicians without his name being there.His style of music is out of this world, and this caught the attention of a lot of persons. When it comes to his dress sense, he seems to be killing people softly with it. Have you seen Patoranking dress? There is a high chance that you drooled. He knows how to combine his clothes and colors in a matured manner. Give it up for Pato.


The boyfriend of Steflon Don is not doing so wrong in his own right. He is known to break fashion barriers, and this can be seen in how he dresses for his shows. There is hardly any show that Burna goes for that he doesn’t slay. His attire always finds itself becoming viral on every social media channel. When it comes to breaking barriers in both his music career and dressing, Burna Boy can’t be underestimated for a second.


Top Best Dressed Male Musicians In Nigeria

Some persons may wonder why Tekno, Augustine Miles Kelechi, is on this list since he loves shirts and jeans solely. Well, the main reason he is here is that he knows how to combine his clothes, not minding he favors only shirts and jeans. Have you seen him pair them with his sneakers? It is appealing to the eyes. Give it up for the father of one, Tekno Miles.


Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel may be known for a lot of things, but one of them is a best-dressed male musician in Nigeria. There is hardly a day you see him that he isn’t looking fly. A former musician with G- Worldwide, Kizz Daniel left the label to create his own, FLYBOY I.N.C, after being embroiled in some legal issues with his old name.

When Kizz Daniel stepped into the limelight, he captured our souls with his dimples and well-structured face. That’s not all, as he decided to take it up a notch by being a god of good dressing.

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Olamide has grown into a legend in the world of Nigerian music. He has discovered a lot of talents and groomed them to success. The YBNL War Lord is not only a great artiste, or boss; he is also a well-dressed male musician in Nigeria.

One can’t list fashion icons in the Nigerian music industry without talking about Baddo.

He has churned a lot of dance steps, dress styles, slangs, and so on. He does it for the culture.

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Being fashionable a wonderful excellent dress sense is the goal.


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