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True Love or Money: Fans continue to express their views on Regina Daniels marriage to Billionaire Ned Nwoko.

True Love or Money: Fans continue to express their views on Regina Daniels marriage to Billionaire Ned Nwoko.

Regina Daniels needs no introduction in the Nigerian movie industry. Little wonder her now formalized marriage to 59 year’s old Ned Nwoko is a topic that has refused to go away. Social media had followed her story right from the onset, when the news first broke-out even to this day.

While the former Miss Regina Daniels and her hubby Ned Nwoko may still be enjoying their honey-moon somewhere away from the noise of the controversy that trailed the news of their marriage, some fans have continued to express their views on what they think about the marriage.

The rather controversial news that broke-out some weeks ago about Regina Daniels proposed marriage to billionaire Ned Nwoko has not ended for good since the marriage was formalized sometime in May. It has continued to raise various reactions from her fans many of whom have frowned at the move, claiming that she agreed to marry the billionaire because of his money.

But how true is the claim by some fans that love had nothing to do with the marriage? There is certainly something unique about that marriage because Regina Daniels is 22 years old yet and Ned Nwoko “claims” to be 59 since Regina’s father had disagreed with him. We can say that she is an accomplished actress who had achieved a lot in the movie industry so she was not poor and desperate because her parents though separated, cannot be said to be poor. Her father is a Barrister and the whole talk about him not paying his wife’s bride price may have some other explanations because for him to come out loud about what he considers as his right, implies that though separated he still played a role in the family.

The issue that was raised about her father not supporting the marriage all seemed to have been set-aside, maybe because he has even gotten the bride price. So, what motivated her marriage to a 59 years old billionaire if it was not the money?
Social media users have continued to express their views on the union, trying to unravel the motive for this rather controversial marriage.

Check out some reactions from some Facebook users on what they think about Regina Daniels marriage:

One lady wrote “Don’t mind those girls that are talking trash here, if na dem get the chance now una go rush the billionaire”
A guy commented “Na dem ooo, girls and money”

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