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What Fans Do Not Know About Omotola Jalade Ekehinde “Omosexy”

What Fans Do Not Know About Omotola Jalade Ekehinde “Omosexy”

Actress Omotola Jalade Ekehinde is a renowned Nigerian celebrity, one of the most remarkable women in the movie industry. Omosexy, as she is fondly called by her fans is the proud mother of four who is well over forty years old. Her appealing nature and attractiveness have remained untainted by time. Apart from just being a charming actress, there are many aspects of Omotola that some fans do not know about.

One reason why so many fans who admired her in their teens are still drawn to the movie star up to this day is likely because Omotola looks “ever young”. She is one actress who has not faced a lot of scandals in her career and has been able to build a home with her husband and keep a “nearly good” reputation.

Her role in some movies in which she starred, may have earned her the name “Omosexy” as she is widely known for playing the role of a seductress. Movie producers may have seen her beauty and attractive looks as proper for such roles but in reality, she is not one. Most fans who admire the beautiful actress, do so as aesthetic value to themselves.

What Fans Do Not Know About Omotola Jelade Ekehinde “Omosexy”

However, she has taken advantage of this public perception to soar her career by occasionally releasing sexy and seductive videos and photos for her fans on social media showing her pretty makeup and lovely smile. Males and females alike adore the actress who sees her life as an inspiration.

Those who once knew Omotola only as an actress are beginning to get acquainted with her increasing influence in entrepreneurship and politics. Could she be nursing a political ambition?
Omotola recently lashed at the failure of leaders in her country for failing to provide basic social security and development for the citizens. Her action drew so much praise from her fans and even generated some arguments between her and the President’s aides.

Not many people know about the her Philanthropic activities especially for women across the globe. Perhaps her interest in politics is borne out of her passion for humanity.

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