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What is Tiwa Savage Really Up to?

What is Tiwa Savage Really Up to?

Towards the end of 2018, Tiwa Savage the popular female music icon was in the news for promising that she is not going to keep silent in 2019. Six months into the year, it appears that the graduate of Music has kept her promise to her fans and followers. But many fans still argue on what she promised not to keep quiet about or what her promise was really was.

Some fans speculated that her feud with another female music celebrity Yemi Alade might be the reason why she promised to make a lot of noise in 2019. Yemi had openly criticized her by making a post on Instagram lashing-out at ladies who engage in Bump enhancement.

To date, she has shown no sign that she is interested in going on with that quarrel. This implies that those fans who thought that her promise was aimed at continuing the “fight” with Yemi Alade were wrong.

It has also been said in some quarters that she might be planning to build a relationship either with her former husband or Wizkid another popular musician. Last year news broke out of an alleged relationship between Tiwa Savage and Wizkid.

She quickly debunked it claiming that their relationship was not a romantic one and that the news came from mischief-makers and not her followers. The 38 years old singer has also shown no sign that she intends to reunite with her ex-husband Tee.

Fans who are expecting any of the above to happen, may eventually have an indefinite wait because the major story about Tiwa Savage that has dominated the news recently is her international recording deal with the Universal Recording Group (UMG) which involved the release of her future music internationally through the company’s operations in more than 60 countries of the world.

Obviously, it confirmed speculation by some fans that Tiwa Savage meant that she was going to be doing a lot in the music industry to build her career. This makes Tiwa Savage the biggest star in Africa.
The Mavin Queen as she is fondly called seems to be focused on building her music career rather than having quarrels with her opponents in the music industry, she may likely not build a romantic relationship this year either.

When next you hear a rumor about Tiwa Savage in a feud with some other musician from a supporter or critic, turn a deaf ear because from all indications she is getting ready to become a global star.


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