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Which of These Lips Will You Rather Kiss?

Which of These Lips Will You Rather Kiss?

We can attach various catchphrases to these cute lips, from sweet to delicious, enticing and any other nice word, they are all uniquely carried about by ladies. Before you consider kissing one, you should know that there are various reasons for the different types of lipstick colors used on the lips by ladies.

Lip colors are rarely used my males but have come to be accepted as a beauty feature of most ladies today.

We can call this a pink lip color which is used by most ladies to parties and outings, the color is quite deep hence it may only be worn with the appropriate dress color. It also looks good on the white skin.

Also, a pink colored lip may commonly be seen as the ideal lip color for parties and dates after red and it it commonly seen equally good for a kiss.


A red lipstick generally has a romantic connotation which makes lovers think of a kiss, when people see a lip painted red the feel that the bearer has a romantic date. Using a red lipstick might be the biggest invitation to kiss, the color is associated with celebrity singers when they sing romantic or love songs.

Using a red lipstick color may also be appropriate if the dress color is red or if the shoes and other personal effects are red.


Selecting the lipstick color that best suit their needs is what most ladies have found really complex because a lipstick that lacks some essential qualities will spoil the beauty of any lady.

One very important factor that Ladies consider before choosing a lipstick color is how long it will remain fresh before they need to reapply it again and again.

Make up is one thing that nearly all ladies want to do and then forget about it till another period. They do not feel comfortable checking their mirror too frequently as most people wrongly think.



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