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Why BBNaija Evicted Two Ladies

Why BBNaija Evicted Two Ladies


Isilomo and Avala have been evicted from the BBNaija house. They have not just lost a chance of going away with the grand prize but also they have lost their ticket in the house. Shivers and suspense filled the air as the two names were reported evicted. 

There has also been speculations and side-talks about why the two ladies were evicted. Anyone who is really interested in knowing why they had to be evicted must first go back to the theme of this edition “Pepe them”

Organizers of the show did a lot of work to bring members together and give the show a world class status for a reason. They expect housemates to not just seek fun but also contribute to make the show exciting.

In the BBNaija house, scandals, attention seeking and excitement are the rules that can keep members in the house. Members cannot get away with being boring or unruly since the show is out to meet the expectations of its fans.

In a few weeks from now, more evictions will take place and members of the BBNaija house better watch out.

Since the show began housemates have naturally segregated themselves into two big categories; The first group are those who are making things happen. In the BBNaija house there are some housemates whose main concern was to show off and create some impact either positive or negative.

Some in this group have even tried to use scandals and attention seeking to show their relevance in the BBNaija house. Tacha top the list of housemates in this category.

They tend to influence most group decisions and take-up leadership roles even when they are not assigned to avoid being liable to eviction.

They are also a few in that category whose actions have spoken loud enough just like the guy who was seen having his meal while two ladies were having a fight.

The other group have not made things happen rather they seek fun and inspiration from the first group but do not contribute any. Unfortunately, the two evicted BBNaija housemates are in this category.

Isilomo and Avala’s eviction will certainly be a lesson to all members of the BBNaija house. Those in their group should now be ready to make things happen or be evicted.



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