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The wig dynasty: embracing your Africa.

The wig dynasty: embracing your Africa.

Okay, who else noticed that 9 out of 10 ladies these days walk into their homes, and what comes off first is not even the shoes, but, yeah, I’m sure your mind is thinking what I’m thinking, The awesome, beautiful hair that has been the focus and envy of many, you’ll just be walking in with a lady and boom! There goes the pretty hair and the mighty reveal takes place, the infamous “all back” or like our oyinbo people prefer “cornrows”

The Wig Dynasty

A few days ago I was at a friend’s place, his girlfriend walks in. shocked, I exclaimed “wow, FUNMI, you’re looking “take-away” we had met only twice -in passing -but i felt like I had known her for longer, because Ola never missed an opportunity to talk about her.

the already blushing Funmi, did not forget to thank me for the compliment, to be quite Frank she looked breathtaking, amazing body features coupled with a face that looked like God took out time to construct on a Sunday, expensive Dress and all, looking like a million bucks “you finish work” I said, complimenting my friend, Ola for scoring such a damsel.

We had exchanged pleasantries, even thrown a few “yarbs” around and at this time Funke felt comfortable.

Around me, how did I know this? Because Her next move was something people only do around “family or friends” It was a habit I knew all too well, she pulled off her wig. A sudden quiet hit the room, why? The hair that greeted us was, sigh , nothing short of an eye sore!

The hair was looking like, hmm…my perspective of Funmi took a sharp turn, “nawa o, this one na better dirty girl” I thought to myself while pretending like nothing significant had just happened.

So I know there’s this movement of “power to the women” the whole fantastic idea that “we are not defined by what men say about us”, we are independent boss-ladies and what not, but please I think it’s time we put things into perspective, and stop confusing our men.

Its important to them that you remain the pretty, kempt woman he approached and confessed love to. That level of comfort that comes with familiarity that makes us so lax that we start to do “mummy” things, shocks them every now and them. The principle of “what attracted him to you is what keeps him” still remains valid.

That said, it’s apparent that since the wind of weaves and wigs began to blow over these parts of the world, a good number of ladies have embraced this trend.

The benefits and joy of having a good wig or two are innumerable. We can all agree that wigs have relieved us of the stress of visiting the salon and sitting for hours, waiting your turn. There’s also the added benefit of being able to start that natural hair journey you’ve been postponing.

I remember the first time I had to grow out my natural hair ,i went about for months with my tiny, short hair, trust me It didn’t look good, hair options were limited as the hair length was too short for the stylist to “catch” as they would always say, so I was mostly turned away.

These days you don’t have to go through that again, with a wig you can start that hair journey afresh, concealing the hair when necessary, taking the time to treat your hair generously. We must also not forget the added blessing of being able to pour water over your head when having a bath after a long hard day at work, haaa….those are my best moments.

The downside of this is that majority of us have gotten so used to the outside hair that appeals to everyone and have neglected as secondary the host. We leave it in such a state that is rather embarrassing.

So I’ll be sharing tips on how not to scare your family members each time they catch you in your comfort zone

Wig Dynasty

First off, Get an easily accessible and trusted stylist: these days with 300 naira, you can get good cornrows done that can last you a while.

Secondly, it’s important you frequent your stylist at least every two weeks, to maintain your hair: don’t wait till the parting lines on your hair are no more visible and the hair is looking extremely shabby before you remember you have a stylist.

Oil and treat your hair regularly to keep it healthy.

Finally, if for one reason or another you are constrained and can’t visit the stylist, its more fitting to get a wig net and cover your hair property to save the world the horror.

It’s no secret that wigs rule, and boy! do we love their reign.

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