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5 things you must never do at your work place

5 things you must never do at your work place

I know work place gets boring sometimes or you’re probably at that place where you’re so ready to move on to the next phase especially in your career but it just seems you’re stuck there, well, hang in there. It does get better. Meanwhile, while you’re at it, below is a list of 5 things that you must not be caught dead doing at the office. Not only are they inappropriate, but these habits just makes you look highly irresponsible.

Whining and moodiness

Okay, we know you’ve had your fair share of hard times and whatnot, but it is highly irresponsible and discomforting especially to your boss and/ or customers to wear your gloomy mood on your face. Perhaps sharing your burdens with a close friend or pal can relieve your heart of all the stress, great! do that! There’s nothing as unprofessional as bringing your issues to work.


Quite alright, some bosses, co workers, and/or customers can push your buttons past its limit, that’s never an excuse to engage in a fight, especially at the work place, not only is it inappropriate, but that lifestyle just screams “ghetto”. Nobody wants that.

Publicly embarrassing/ disregarding your boss

This? Big NO-NO! In fact, it should be top on this list, you must never in any way portray any behavior that is demeaning and arrogant towards your boss. Not only can this attitude get you fired, it’s just plain thoughtless.

Fart or cause a foul odour in your workspace

The thought of this alone is deeply embarrassing, no matter how fun and at-home your job feels like , never get too comfortable at work to think you could go about releasing foul and offensive odours, it is not only uncouth but seriously gross, anyone who makes a habit of doing this, should seriously be avoided.

Leave your workspace dirty and unkempt

This along with the fore mentioned is highly gross, leaving food crumbs and remains on your desk, having your files scattered across your work area in a way that is so disorganized is a very unprofessional habit and should be avoided.

These little key areas are things we may overlook, probably because of familiarity or the stress of work – life eating at us. However, the true proof of character is when you stay true to your values or principles even when it’s inconvenient. Don’t be that employee that smiles only when things are going well or that doesn’t take the job seriously, because what employees fail to understand is that the failure or success of the business will surely have a direct impact on your life.

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