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Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire

The Yoruba traditional wedding attire is not as complex as most people wrongly think. Traditional weddings among the Yoruba’s is an all lady’s affair. One very important component of the traditional wedding attire for ladies among the Yoruba’s are the beads. Beads are made up of seed-like balls which come in different sizes and shapes and are decorated to make the bride look beautiful.

Firstly, because the events usually take place in the bride’s family compound meaning that the daughter who is to be married is considered a jewel of inestimable value to the family.

Brides at traditional weddings often appear gorgeous and beautiful, they are decorated with a lot of lovely makeup too.

Yoruba Traditional wedding attire


This is not just in mere words or fables, it is clearly shown in the beauty of the bride for her traditional wedding.

Looking glamorous is not limited to the bride alone, her friends and other ladies make it a point of duty to appear as beautiful as possible especially in beads.

The practice of decorating brides and ladies who attend traditional weddings with beads is part of the Yoruba culture. The bride is adorned with beads especially around her neck. Beads are selected based on the color of the bride’s dress, it improves her appearance and makes her look beautiful.

Yoruba Traditional wedding attire

The bead design on the bride usually distinguishes her from other ladies at the event because hers is usually conspicuous.

Yoruba traditional wedding attire such as the beads come in various shapes and sizes, some beads are tiny and beautiful while others are large and beautiful.

Yoruba Traditional wedding attire

Beads also come in various colors and some beads come in multiple colors.  They are worn by both men and ladies in a traditional wedding. Apart from being worn around the neck, beads can also be worn on the wrist and ankles by the bride and the groom.

Yoruba Traditional wedding

Yoruba wedding

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